Dominic Camany

Dominic Camany

At the age of 12, Dominic Camany began what would become a lifelong dream and journey. He picked up the guitar and taught himself through careful imitation of his favorite artists. Taking the trials and tribulations of his life in stride, over time Dominic developed his unique sound. His lyrics cover each aspect of life with warm melodies and soothing lyrics.

Beginning in 2007, with the debut of his album “Lullaby,” Dominic began sharing his sincere, soulful creations with the world. From the get-go it was clear that Dominic had the flair and soul comparable to other popular artists like The Fray, Parachute, and Coldplay. Those who are familiar with his music often describe it as honest and from the heart. “I have a deep drive and aspiration to let everyone in the world hear my music and message.”

It soon became clear to Dominic that his musical aspirations and dreams were no mistake. After spending time recording “Lullaby” in Nashville, he embarked on several musical tours with his music including Spirit West Coast (Monterey, CA), Blitz Tour (Central Coast, CA), Desperation Tour (Midwestern States) as well as tours through India, Ukraine and Mexico. In September of 2007, Dominic was voted the “Word Record’s Artist Ovation Winner” of California.

Dominic hopes to keep climbing with his music, with his latest album “Lost and Found” paving the way. This is the first album that he has produced entirely on his own—proving that his skills span beyond the realm of writing the music alone. Dominic hopes to inspire his listeners with the soulful ballads on this album; “if you listen closely, you will find that there is always more than what meets the eye with these songs.” The journey captured on “Lost and Found” is a profound expression of Dominic’s search for a love that is real and unending. “I want to communicate to my listeners the struggles that I have been through, but more importantly, share with them the hope that I have found” he says about the album.

Dominic spent the majority of 2012 performing songs from his “Lost and Found” album at colleges across the United States and released his album “Beautiful Escape” in 2014. Now, in 2018, is currently working on a new album that will provide a completely new experience for his listeners.

All three of Dominic's albums are available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music.

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