Get To Know The Band
Michael Coley

Throughout my life I have been faced with many hardships that have left me feeling “stuck”, and my music has been the one consistent that has helped me find a way to express the emotions that I’m feeling.  Playing music seems to come naturally to me, it feels real and that I'm just meant to do it. When asked for my musical inspiration, I feel that narrowing it down to just a few, let alone one artist, would be treating other artists I admire a bit unfairly. Any artist who shows their passion through their music is an inspiration to me in the end. I play the drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, keys, and occasionally vocals, though I definitely prefer instruments over vocals. Drums or any type of guitar would be the top two choices if I ever had to choose a favorite. I’ve played for a few bands around here and there, but this is the first band that I have really been a member of and enjoy doing full-time. I don't see any reason to ever stop playing. My music is part of me and part of my life, a major part of both that I truly enjoy.

Nat Shuirman 

From a very young age music was always a big part of my life. My father had a nice, old piano in the garage. It was somewhat of a sanctuary for him, he would spend time playing, singing and writing songs, more for personal enjoyment than a career endeavor. I took piano lessons from an early age.  At the age of 10 my father past away. About two years after my father lost his battle with leukemia, I took up the bass. This was mainly out of default, my stepbrother played guitar and our good friend was a drummer, so I got stuck with the bass! As my personality became more developed it was soon clear that I had chosen the right instrument. Shortly after beginning high school I was encouraged to try upright bass. Under the skill and guidance of one of the top jazz education programs in the nation, I was soon playing in several high school and college jazz ensembles. Before graduating high school I lived in Germany for 6 months and studied with a major youth symphony. After high school I continued my music education and have continued to work with a variety of groups and artists doing live performances and studio recording.  Musical variety is a matter of pride and enjoyment for me, I'm comfortable playing any type of music and I value the opportunity and privilege to work with many wonderful and beautiful people. If I could sum it up in one sentence: I feel fortunate and blessed to be able to do what I love with people I love.

Jessica Moreno

Music has always been a part of the person that I am. It was always something that I enjoyed more than anything since I was very young. In the hardest times I find that music is my escape. The fact that I can just “get lost” in singing or playing guitar, is amazing to me. It is also a way that I feel I engage myself spiritually with God. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I grew up attending church and was always a part of the choir. I have been privileged to perform at many family/family friend functions, and have thoroughly enjoyed these experiences. Any opportunity I have to share my music with people is an amazing experience for me. I’ve been playing guitar since I was twelve and recently started learning how to play the piano. I’m always striving to improve and further my talents and experience.  I hope to continue learning and growing in my music, knowing that it is where my heart feels at its best. I see it in my future for as long as I have any control over it, it keeps me alive and in touch with a deeper meaning to life.

Eduardo Torres

I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I started playing drums as a toddler, and decided I wanted to pursue it as a career at about 12. Growing up in a strong Mexican culture, I was raised listening and playing to, music in the Mexican genre. Throughout the years, I’ve gone through different musical phases, and have been exposed to many different styles of music. I am inspired by any artist who shows passion in what they do. My little brother is probably one of the biggest musical influences in my life, since he’s a monster on the kit as well. Stylistically, I would have to say that I learned my pocket from Mexican music, and got my flare from gospel music, the two varieties have given me a broad range and a deep desire to learn all types of music. My ultimate goal as a musician I think would be to maintain an honest living and be an inspiration to others when they listen to or see me play.


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